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Why Should You Make Your Account Premium?

Tibia is free, and players are welcome to play free of charge for as long as they like. However, if you enjoy Tibia, you may consider to take the game further by buying Premium Time. As a Premium player you will have additional abilities and advantages inside and outside the game. Buy Premium Time today to make Tibia even more fun!

The following benefits are available to Premium players:

Tibia Features
Benefit Premium Details Free Premium
XP boost 0 +50%
Offline training
Refined quick looting
Areas 5 areas and cities 17+ areas and cities
Efficient supply stash retrieve stow and retrieve
Spells 55 139+
Instant travelling
Outfits 4 + 1 unlockable 32+
Mounts 3 rentable 41+
Death penalty 0% reduction 30% reduction
Market offers
House ownership 900+ houses
VIP list entries 20 100
Depot space 2000 15000
Private chat channels
Character promotion
VIP groups 3 3+5
Challenging arenas
Free prey slots 1 2
Imbuements basic basic,
Daily rewards basic extended
(more than twice)
Advanced analytics features
Quests ~ 80 280+
Priority login
Mighty summons
Guild leadership
Exclusive outfit addons
Premium worlds
Mana and HP regeneration slow regeneration fast regeneration
Loyalty system
Trackable items 5 50
Soul points 100, slow regeneration 200, fast regeneration
Trackable quests 5 20
More active charms 2 6
Party List
Secondary Battle Lists
Free Hunting Task slots 1 2
Team Finder
Please note this is not an exhaustive list. Other benefits are sure to follow, but it is also possible that existing ones are changed or even removed in future.


Best of all, Tibia Premium Time is inexpensive! You can upgrade your account to Premium starting from as little as EUR 6.21 for a month:

Tibia Premium Time
Tibia Premium Time can only be used for your own account.
Duration Price (including all taxes)
1 month (30 days) EUR 8.90 (EUR 8.90 per month)
3 months (90 days) EUR 23.95 (EUR 7.98 per month)
6 months (180 days) EUR 42.55 (EUR 7.09 per month)
12 months (360 days) EUR 74.50 (EUR 6.21 per month)

And that is not all, you can also buy Premium Time for Tibia Coins in the Store ingame! As Tibia Coins can also be sold in the Market for Tibia gold, you can purchase them and buy Premium Time or an extra service for your account even if you find yourself unable to pay with real money for Premium Time or Tibia Coins right now. There really is no excuse not to make your account Premium - buy Premium Time or Tibia Coins and enjoy the full Tibia experience today!

Tibia Coin Packages
Tibia Coins can be used to purchase Premium Time or special products for your own account in the Store, or if transferable, traded via the Market or gifted to other characters.
Package Price (including all taxes)
250 Tibia Coins EUR 9.40 (price for 30 days Premium Time in the Store)
750 Tibia Coins EUR 26.15 (price for 90 days Premium Time in the Store)
1500 Tibia Coins EUR 52.30 (price for 180 days Premium Time in the Store)
3000 Tibia Coins EUR 104.60 (price for 360 days Premium Time in the Store)
4500 Tibia Coins EUR 156.90
15000 Tibia Coins EUR 523.00

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